A Snapshot of Nature

Morning Dew

“Morning Dew” is a picture that uses texture to show a green leaf with water droplets attached to it. The dominant device in this picture is texture because as you look at the picture you can feel the water and you can feel the ruffles of the leaves without touching it. Because the leaf is the focus of the picture, the water brings out the texture and makes for a visually pleasing photo. Since the water is stuck to the leaf, the water is also focused and looks very clear because of the focus on the leaf.

Glimpse of Sunshine

“Glimpse of Sunshine” is a picture of a very colorful plant. Taking straight down on it, this plant shows shimmers of purple, red, yellow, and green. This picture dominates the creative device of color. This flower catches the eye of anyone who looks at it. Along with color, this picture uses point of view as i took it looking straight down and it also uses contrast as it has a colorful picture in the front on a green background. The color alone makes for a visually pleasing photo and it is centered on a green background to really make it pop.


“Serenity” is a peaceful picture of rocks balancing in nature with a fuzzy flower in the background. I have used this picture to show balancing elements because these rocks are perfectly balanced in nature. The rocks are in unity with one another and create a perfect harmony on the uneven soil. The rocks are the focal point of the image drawing the readers eye to the balance that they share. This creates a nice image because they are balanced perfectly. As you can see, the picture is tilted to show the rocks balanced upright when in reality they were tilted a certain direction.

Divine Nature

“Divine Nature” is a photograph of a bright flower with lush green plants flowing in all directions in the background. Because the flower is the subject of this photo, this photo uses the rule of thirds. The flower is on the right third of the picture with the background making up the other two-thirds. This picture is unique because the flower really pops and looks out of place compared to the rest of the green background. Its also visually pleasing because the flower is focused while the plants in the back are not focused on. This photo also uses contrast and color to make this photo grab the readers attention.

Christmas Morning

“Christmas Morning” is beautiful picture of a red flower against a green background. When i look at this picture, I cant help but think of Christmas because of the colors. The dominant devise used in this picture is contrast. The contrast of the red and green really makes the flower pop out to the viewer. Along with contrast, this picture uses focus very well to show the detail of the red flower while the green background isn’t in focus. This photo also uses light to give the red flower a bright, chromatic look. The colors and focus make this a unique photo.

I think all these photos have a unique twist because they all use more than one device. Its very hard to find a picture that simply uses one device. If it only uses one device, I think it creates a boring photo. Many photos of color also use contrast. Many photos with texture or background also use focus. All of these devices work together for the good of the photograph.

This assignment was very interesting to do because it made me get creative with my pictures. I had to get in weird positions and take awkward angels. I had to lay down and look straight up. I had to tilt my phone in weird angels. However, i really enjoyed this assignment. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to use more light in my photos.

Tyler’s World

I am very excited to start this journey through blogging, social media, and photography. I am very new to this whole blogging thing so stick with me. After reading many students previous blog posts, i am very excited to learn a whole new world of technology. I hope to learn how to photograph because that is something that interests me a lot. I also want to learn how to be a graphics editor for a sports team. You see the edits the schools send to their top recruits? I want to learn how to do that.

Along with these skills, I am also interested in sports so i want to learn how to live tweet sporting events or be a sports editor. Finally, I would also like to know how to grow my image and influence on social media so i can reach out to many people or have lots of “connections”. I think it would be really cool to learn how to edit videos and stuff of that nature. My dream is to be an anchor on ESPN or a sports reporter on a major TV network. I think it would be really cool to learn how to make hype videos or intro videos for a football team. Basically anything behind or in-front of a camera that has to do with sports.

Being on the football team, I am constantly surrounded by coaches, players, and sports administration. This semester, I would like to report on issues that occur inside the locker room or on the field or behind closed doors that not many get to see or know about. I have a really good relationship with Coach Bohl so he is definitely someone i can interview. I am also really close with a lot of players on the team and the Athletic Director so these are all people i can go to as sources. Anything sports related is perfect for me.

ESPN is now the world wide leader in sports

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