Video Storytelling

For this assignment, Jenna Cassasanta and I decided to do a video for the upcoming football season. We decided to make a hype video and show the guys lifting weights while interviewing Coach Bohl, senior captain Logan Wilson, and strength and conditioning coach Eric Donoval. We wanted to capture the excitement and anticipation that the guys had for next season.

I thought this project was very fun and challenging. It was difficult for me to edit and make it transition as smoothly as I would have liked. It was also a lot of work to get interviews and cut the clips to make it all make sense. I really enjoyed being behind the camera though. It was a nice change to interview people instead of being interviewed. I also found out that I like to shoot and capture video.

I thought it was surprising how hard editing is. I wasn’t used to editing and I thought it would be easy but it was actually the most difficult part of the project for me. The only thing I wish I could have done differently would be to get better shots of the guys lifting and better B-roll. I didn’t have much time to play around with it and I wanted it to look as professional as possible.

In the future, I will use video a lot. This is my dream job and I would love to work for ESPN behind the camera and shooting videos of athletes and making hype videos and football production. I think this project has definitely expanded my knowledge of shooting and editing.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram is a great app to stay connected to friends, family, co-workers, and other people you know. Its a great way to advertise, communicate ideas, and promote goods and work. The link to my Instagram can be found here:

Using Instagram to promote my work was one of my favorite assignments. I’ve had plenty use with Instagram in the past so I knew exactly what I was doing. However, I’ve never used Canva before so that was a new experience for me. It was difficult at first making it look exactly how I imagined it in my head. There was a lot of parts to Canva but once I got the hang of it, it became easy.

When I was creating these posts, I didn’t have a specific strategy in mind. I wanted to make something that was aesthetically pleasing and that caught the viewers attention. I didn’t want it to be too clunky, I wanted space between and I wanted it to look clean yet simple. I wanted to include my work in all the posts almost to give the viewers a preview of whats on my page.

This assignment wasn’t very challenging just more time consuming. It was hard to find the right lay out that made everything look clean and simple. The hard part was getting the pictures in the right place and making everything look good.

The surprising part of this assignment was how fun it was. This assignment was kind of like putting together a portfolio of all our work. I liked it because we posted it on a big name social media site where a lot of people could see it and then click on our link. I think this was a good idea to get our work out there more for others to see. Also, this gives our viewers quick looks at what our work is like before they go to the actual site.

I think Instagram will be a big part of my professional life. If I work in sports broadcasting, it will be a great way to promote and advertise my work. If i get into graphics and editing it will be another great way to show off my work and show people what I am capable of. I think it will be a great way to showcase my work to those who don’t exactly know what it is that I do.

Rockies Vs Phillies Live Tweeting

On Saturday night, I had the privilege of going to the Rockies VS Phillies game at Coors Field and since I grew up playing baseball, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to practice live tweeting. I went to the game with a date and it was a beautiful night at the ballpark.

A link to my twitter can be found here:

For this assignment, I tried to stick to a journalistic approach because I have seen many sports reporters live tweet and they too often use this approach. I think it works best because the reporter is telling the readers what is going on at the event. The reporter isn’t advertising the event or encouraging there own opinions. They are simply reporting on what is going on.

This was a fun assignment because I got to get out of Wyoming. I also found it fun because social media is very powerful and I don’t know who my tweets could be seen by. I was tweeting at the game and I only have a couple followers but a Rockies account followed me and retweeted one of my tweets and it was seen by thousands of people. The power to reach thousands of people is what I enjoyed most.

Although it was fun, I still find it difficult to ask random people for interviews. It’s tough for me to get out of my comfort zone and approach them and ask them if I can interview them and then get there full name. I would like to get better at that if I want to pursue a career in this field.

I was surprised at how fun this assignment was. It was cool to be able to keep people not at the game up to date with what was going on. I had a hard time being able to find a balance between the assignment and actually enjoying the game though. I didn’t want to be too wrapped up in my phone but i also felt an obligation to keep twitter updated as much as I could. The only thing I wish I could have done differently was to take more pictures. I also wish I had access to a media badge so I could have interviewed the players and coaches.

To me, social media will play a huge role in my future. My dream is to be on ESPN and that is all over social media. People will reach out to me on social media in both good and bad ways. However, if ESPN doesn’t work out I would like to be a director of editing for a football team. I would like to create graphics, manage social media, tweet videos, edit content, and interact with fans. In today’s world, social media is inevitable and to me it will play a huge role in my future.

World of Outlaws California Sprint Car Circuit


What is a Sprint Car? Sprint Cars are loud, exciting, and very, very quick race cars. The fastest form of open-wheel dirt Speedway racing in the world, they are simple and low-tech by design. Also called ‘The Greatest Show on Dirt”, Sprint Car racing is a open wheel, dirt track racing on an oval track.

This hidden sport is not known my many but many of today’s NASCAR stars, such as Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne and Kyle Larson learnt their skills racing Sprint Cars. If you are in search of an exciting time or want to take the family out and love to watch cars race around and top speed then this is the perfect map for you.

The World of Outlaws is a branch of sprint car racing. Its the best of the best drivers from all over the world. These drivers race in 93 races on 53 tracks in 25 states from coast to coast in a span of 9 months. These cars are fast. Hitting speeds excessive of over 150 mph and having over 900 horsepower, these cars fill the air with methanol and make for some exciting racing.

“Its fun to watch. The atmosphere, the people, the food. Its all a good time. You get to watch some of the most skilled drivers drive at over 100 MPH on a closed circuit dirt track. Every night brings something different,” said Jeff Vander Waal, a sprint car fan since he was 11 years-old.

However, its not just racing. There is a lot of science that goes into this racing. The weather conditions have to be just right. It cant be to wet or the track will be to slick and it cant be to dry or the track will dry out and become dusty.

The track conditions also have to be perfect. Tracks are made of different types of dirt and red clay. The tracks must be prepared a week in advance. The dirt must be tilled, watered, and pact multiple times before its ready to go.

“The thrill of the cars is unbeatable. They shake the ground with the horsepower and the fact that they race inches from each other without crashing in insane. Its not like NASCAR where they race in a straight line, it’s very racy and gets very intense,” said Vander Waal.

“Ive been a fan my whole life. Traveling around to see the best tracks because every track is different and unique in its own way. No two tracks are alike and the racing is different every night so you’re never sure what you’re going to get,” Vander Waal added.

The World of Outlaw circuit will take you all the way through California. Starting up north and ending down in SoCal, this 3 week stretch of racing is any race lovers dream.

Race 1: Silver Dollar Speedway

Courtesy of RCM design

Silver Dollar Speedway is a 1/4 mile high banked clay oval located in Chico, California. This is one of California’s most historic tracks. Opened in 1963, it has been running perfect ever since. This track seats around 7,000 people and sells out almost every race. The high banks of this track make it one of the most racy in the country. Along with great racing, the weather is beautiful and will make for a great first night of racing. This track also has a fair for the kids and delicious food for all to enjoy.

Race 2: Stockton Dirt Track

Courtesy of Stockton Dirt Track Yelp

Stockton Dirt Track is an old historic horse racing track turned into a dirt race track. This is one of the biggest speedways in California in terms of seating. The Stockton Dirt Track is a 4/10 of a mile dirt track. It easily seats over 10,000 fans and is very clean and spacious. This is one of my favorite tracks because the racing is so good and the track is so big which makes for fun racing.

Race 3: Ocean Speedway

Ocean Speedway is one of the most scenic tracks in California. This track, located in Watsonville, California, is just a short drive away from the beach. Driving here is full of beautiful mountains and a cool ocean breeze. Located on the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, this track opened in 1960 and is a short 1/4 quarter mile, clay track that sits about 2,000 people. This track makes for a weekend of fun with racing along with going to the beach.

Race 4: Kings Speedway

Kings Speedway, located in Hanford, California, is one of California’s premier speedways. It features a racy 1/3 mile high banked clay oval. This track is very well maintained and is warm year round because it is located in the central valley.
If you are ready for action, check out Kings Speedway- “The King of The Dirt Tracks!”

Race 5: Perris Auto Speedway

Photo courtesy of

Perris Auto Speedway is a 1/2 mile clay oval track located on the Lake Perris Fairgrounds in Perris, California. The track features a raised backstretch offering fans a better view over the infield of the oval. The track opened on March 30, 1996. Prior to that, the site of the track was home to Lake Perris speedway, a 1/8 mile dirt oval constructed in 1987 and hosted motorcycle racing then later car racing until 1993. A 1/3 mile dirt oval operated until the end of 1995. This track is located in sunny SoCal and is a great track for people that want a great race.

Franks Vacation

My interview experience was very delightful. I had a positive experience doing interviews. As an athlete, I am used to getting interviewed but to be on the other side was a unique experience. I had an easy time choosing Frank because he told me he went on a cruise for spring break and I’ve never been on a cruise so I thought it would be interesting to ask him about it.

Audio editing was very difficult and foreign to me. It was a long process to make it sound fluid and the way I wanted. It was tedious to chop out all the ‘ums’ and awkward pauses. I enjoyed it though because I have never done it before. I am now more comfortable with it and can use it later on if I want to get into podcasts or other audio assignments.

This assignment was surprising by how long the editing part took me. I wasn’t expecting it to take 6 hours to make it sound good. I was also surprised by how complex interviewing is. It takes a lot of thought to get the right response and it takes a lot of research to know what you’re talking about. Its also surprising how awkward some people are when they are being interviewed.

One thing I wish I did better during the interview was to ask better questions. I felt like the interviewee did all the talking but I could have asked better questions or more in detailed questions to provoke better answers. I would have liked better, more detailed answers.

This is helpful in my future because I would like to get into TV and I think being able to edit audio would be a very useful skill. I would also like to have my own podcast one day because my favorite podcast features a quarterback coach who is also a sports broadcaster. I would like to follow in his footsteps and being able to edit audio would be very helpful to getting a podcast started.

Frank Crum posing in the locker room after his spring break cruise.

Outside the Lines

War Memorial Stadium at the University of Wyoming

When students think of the Wyoming Cowboys football team, they often think about Saturdays in War Memorial Stadium or people such as Josh Allen or Brian Hill.

One thing students don’t think about is what goes on behind the scenes. What is the secret that makes these players able to compete at such a high level? That secret is Sophie Pomrehn.

As the guys call her, “Soph” is responsible for things such as weekly weigh-ins and nutritional talks to making sure we are eating and recovering correctly and everything in between.

Sophie the Sports Nutrionist

Sophie explaining how to make a healthy shake to recover
Photo by Jim Bowling Herald & Review

From Chicago to IMG Academy in Florida to grad school at Illinois State to working at Stanford and Nebraska, Sophie is currently the Director of Sports Nutrition for the Cowboy Football program at the University of Wyoming.

Starting her day before 5 a.m. and often staying until about 8 p.m. her days are nothing short of hard work.

She takes on a huge role of watching over about 105 football players to make sure they can prepare their best in the weight-room and on the field.

“Her role is crucial to the players because if they come in fueled properly, we can push them even harder and see strength gains a lot faster,” Will Harrison, assistant strength and conditioning coach said.

Every morning Sophie arrives and prepares snacks for the athletes before there lift. She will then weigh them in and watch them workout.

From the lift, she will start to make recovery shakes for the athletes. After all the workout groups are done, she will talk to athletes about their meals and ways to lose, gain, or maintain weight.

“I try to be the best teacher I can be and I can see it with what the guys put on their plate,” Pomrehn said. She is constantly making sure the team is eating the right thing in order to perform at the next level.

Sophie doesn’t just hand out snacks and make sure players eat the right things. Her job is more than that.

“I’m always working to be the best resource I can be for the team to make sure they perform their best,” said Pomrehn. Along with food and nutrition, she spends her days working on departmental stuff.

Whether its body weight sheets, body composition scans, talking to athletes, or going to workshops, she is always staying busy.

“Its demanding but its very rewarding,” Pomrehn said. “Football has been my passion and where I really want to continue to grow and be an expert in.”

In a matter of months she has turned the nutrition program upside-down because the players have realized how important nutrition is. She has hammered home the importance of nutrition which can be found here.

Sophie the Woman

She admits she didn’t always want to be a sports nutritionist and didn’t even know what a dietitian was up until about high school.

“I grew up around sports but I really fell in love with football and sports nutrition when I went to the University of Wisconsin,” Pomrehn said.

She earned her master of science degree from Illinois State University in 2016 and her bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014.

“I enjoy spending my time with the team but its nice to get away,” Pomrehn explained. “I like to get my nails done and get facials.”

When shes not at the facilities, she enjoys spending time with her family and being outside. She uses her free-time to unwind from the stress of her job.

Although its not easy keeping up with 105 college athletes, Sophie always manages to stay positive and encouraging.

“She says ‘good morning’ to me every morning when I lift. She is always super sweet and genuine,” Frank Crum explained. “You notice when shes there. She always goes out of her way to make sure that were okay. Shes more than just a dietitian.”

Sophie the Teammate

Sophie explaining and handing out vitamins for players

Sophie is more than just a face on the sidelines. She is seen as a very important teammate trying to help them reach their goals by the athletes.

“Its not weird around her at all. When she comes around it’s not like we have to be quiet and stop talking about whatever we were talking about,” Crum explained.

Sophie is constantly surrounded by the team and feels that it makes her bond with the players stronger.

“She’s always around. She’s in there encouraging us, going through what we go through. We don’t see her as just a dietitian, she is a part of the team.

Being the only woman in a room full of guys is no easy task but it doesn’t seem to bother her.

“Yea, I always here some stuff I don’t want to hear but that’s just apart of being surrounded by the guys all the time,” Pomrhen said.

Although Sophie doesn’t play on Saturdays, she is one of the most important people on the roster.

“In my opinion, Sophie is crucial to the team, she can give us an edge that most teams don’t have,” Harrison said.

Sophie isn’t just a dietitian, she is the backbone to Wyoming football.


Sidney “Prince” Williams sits outside his apartment in thought on Saturday night in Laramie, Wyoming.

This feature photo called “Reminiscing” shows Sidney Williams outside his apartment on Saturday night in Laramie, Wyoming. Sidney is in deep thought as he sits outside and stares into the distance. This photo was really easy to shoot because I was walking to my friends apartment and saw him sitting outside. I asked him if i could take his picture as he just sat there. Sidney also known as Prince was very easy to shoot as he told me he was used to the camera. I took many pictures and moved around and this seemed to be the perfect angle to capture who he was. I felt very powerful taking this picture because it captured him in the exact moment showing exactly who he is and what he was doing.

In Due Time
Senior football player Kevin Prosser laces his cleats as he prepares to train for Pro-Day in the Indoor Practice Facility in Laramie, Wyoming on Friday.

This portrait titled “In Due Time” features Kevin Prosser as he laces his cleats up as he gets ready to workout in the Indoor Practice Facility in Laramie, Wyoming. I accidentally stumbled upon this photo as i was actually walking into the weight room and saw him head to the IPF. I followed him in and as he tied his cleats I laid on the turf and captured him getting ready. This was a very easy and natural photo as he didn’t mind that I was right there. I really like this photo because it captures his seriousness and his mentality as he prepares to get ready.

The Catch
Raghib “Rocket” Ismail JR. catches a pass in the Indoor Practice Facility on Wednesday Afternoon

This sports feature called “The Catch” captures the moment Raghib Ismail Jr. catches a pass from the quarterback in the Indoor Practice Facility during a Wednesday after noon training session. Stumbling upon this opportunity to take this picture, Rocket posted on his snap chat story that he’ll be in the IPF if anyone wants to run routes and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture some good sports photos. I stood off to the side as he ran his routes. The IPF was empty making for the perfect atmosphere. It was very easy to get this shot because they didn’t even know I was there. This is the perfect photo because it shows what goes on behind closed doors and how hard these athletes train to be successful on Saturdays.

Lunchtime In Denver
A man patiently waits for his lunch inside a dinner in Denver on Sunday

“Lunchtime in Denver” is a feature photo of a man that patiently waits for his food to arrive inside a dinner on Sunday afternoon. As I was driving to my girlfriends house i went past this dinner and saw a man inside. He looked very melancholy so I went inside to get a bite and asked if I can take pictures. He seemed very hesitant about it and asked that he remain nameless but said it was okay to take his picture. I told him to just do his thing and photographed as he scrolled through his phone. I think this is a powerful photo because it captures his mood and his mood matches the sky. He was a bit upset about something and the gray sky seemed to bring out his body language even more. This picture was very easy because his body language was so natural.

Frank Crum sits on the sidelines and watches on as his teammates work out on Thursday. Frank is forced to sit out after recovering from knee surgery.

“Recovery” is a portrait of Frank Crum as he sits and watches the offensive-line go through drills on Thursday in the IPF. This is a powerful photo because it focuses on the Wyoming Cowboys sign. In the background we see Frank with his crutches and brace on his knee. This photo captures how he feels about the injury and being forced to sit out. This photo captures his true feelings about the injury because we can see his arms folded in discouragement. I actually went to run in the IPF when i found Frank sitting there watching on. At the edge of the bench I got ready and saw him sitting there and decided to shoot because his body language and energy was negative because he was sad to be sitting out. This shot was easy because I don’t think he even realized I was taking pictures of him until after the fact.

This assignment was very fun because it forced me to get uncomfortable and take pictures of people that I didn’t know. I had to get out of my element and kind of explore different aspects of photography. I was kind of surprised at how much I liked it and how much fun I had. I was also fascinated to find out that I was pretty good at it. One thing I wish i did more was edit to black and white or take more with some more interesting lighting.

A Snapshot of Nature

Morning Dew

“Morning Dew” is a picture that uses texture to show a green leaf with water droplets attached to it. The dominant device in this picture is texture because as you look at the picture you can feel the water and you can feel the ruffles of the leaves without touching it. Because the leaf is the focus of the picture, the water brings out the texture and makes for a visually pleasing photo. Since the water is stuck to the leaf, the water is also focused and looks very clear because of the focus on the leaf.

Glimpse of Sunshine

“Glimpse of Sunshine” is a picture of a very colorful plant. Taking straight down on it, this plant shows shimmers of purple, red, yellow, and green. This picture dominates the creative device of color. This flower catches the eye of anyone who looks at it. Along with color, this picture uses point of view as i took it looking straight down and it also uses contrast as it has a colorful picture in the front on a green background. The color alone makes for a visually pleasing photo and it is centered on a green background to really make it pop.


“Serenity” is a peaceful picture of rocks balancing in nature with a fuzzy flower in the background. I have used this picture to show balancing elements because these rocks are perfectly balanced in nature. The rocks are in unity with one another and create a perfect harmony on the uneven soil. The rocks are the focal point of the image drawing the readers eye to the balance that they share. This creates a nice image because they are balanced perfectly. As you can see, the picture is tilted to show the rocks balanced upright when in reality they were tilted a certain direction.

Divine Nature

“Divine Nature” is a photograph of a bright flower with lush green plants flowing in all directions in the background. Because the flower is the subject of this photo, this photo uses the rule of thirds. The flower is on the right third of the picture with the background making up the other two-thirds. This picture is unique because the flower really pops and looks out of place compared to the rest of the green background. Its also visually pleasing because the flower is focused while the plants in the back are not focused on. This photo also uses contrast and color to make this photo grab the readers attention.

Christmas Morning

“Christmas Morning” is beautiful picture of a red flower against a green background. When i look at this picture, I cant help but think of Christmas because of the colors. The dominant devise used in this picture is contrast. The contrast of the red and green really makes the flower pop out to the viewer. Along with contrast, this picture uses focus very well to show the detail of the red flower while the green background isn’t in focus. This photo also uses light to give the red flower a bright, chromatic look. The colors and focus make this a unique photo.

I think all these photos have a unique twist because they all use more than one device. Its very hard to find a picture that simply uses one device. If it only uses one device, I think it creates a boring photo. Many photos of color also use contrast. Many photos with texture or background also use focus. All of these devices work together for the good of the photograph.

This assignment was very interesting to do because it made me get creative with my pictures. I had to get in weird positions and take awkward angels. I had to lay down and look straight up. I had to tilt my phone in weird angels. However, i really enjoyed this assignment. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to use more light in my photos.

Tyler’s World

I am very excited to start this journey through blogging, social media, and photography. I am very new to this whole blogging thing so stick with me. After reading many students previous blog posts, i am very excited to learn a whole new world of technology. I hope to learn how to photograph because that is something that interests me a lot. I also want to learn how to be a graphics editor for a sports team. You see the edits the schools send to their top recruits? I want to learn how to do that.

Along with these skills, I am also interested in sports so i want to learn how to live tweet sporting events or be a sports editor. Finally, I would also like to know how to grow my image and influence on social media so i can reach out to many people or have lots of “connections”. I think it would be really cool to learn how to edit videos and stuff of that nature. My dream is to be an anchor on ESPN or a sports reporter on a major TV network. I think it would be really cool to learn how to make hype videos or intro videos for a football team. Basically anything behind or in-front of a camera that has to do with sports.

Being on the football team, I am constantly surrounded by coaches, players, and sports administration. This semester, I would like to report on issues that occur inside the locker room or on the field or behind closed doors that not many get to see or know about. I have a really good relationship with Coach Bohl so he is definitely someone i can interview. I am also really close with a lot of players on the team and the Athletic Director so these are all people i can go to as sources. Anything sports related is perfect for me.

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